Antim The Final Truth


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Director :

Mahesh Manjrekar

Actor :

Salman Khan;Aayush Sharma;Mahima Makwana;Mahesh Manjrekar;Jisshu Sengupta;Nikitin Dheer;Sachin Khedekar;Chhaya Kadam;Rohit Haldikar;Siddhi Dalvi;Prem Dharmadhikari;Upendra Limaye;Sayaji Shinde;Waluscha De Sousa;Lankesh Bhardwaj;Uday Tikekar;Sharad Ponkshe;Bharat Ganeshpure;Rohit Phalke

Overview :

The film revolves around the clash between two contrasting characters, Rahul (Salman Khan) and Vijay (Aayush Sharma). Rahul, a dedicated police officer, is determined to eradicate the criminal elements from society, while Vijay, a powerful gangster, rules the underworld with an iron fist. As their paths cross, 'Antim: The Final' delves into their complex relationship, exploring the bond of brotherhood and the conflict between duty and family ties.

What Is The Release Date of 'Antim: The Final Truth'?

Re: The film was theatrically released worldwide on 26 November 2021. 'Antim: The Final' is a Hindi action-drama film that delivers an intense and engaging cinematic experience. Directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, the movie brings together two powerhouse actors, Salman Khan and Aayush Sharma, in a high-octane clash of characters. With its gripping narrative, stellar performances, and a perfect blend of action and emotion, 'Antim: The Final' explores themes of brotherhood, redemption, and the pursuit of justice.

Where Is 'Antim: The Final Truth' Movie Available?

Re: Watch HD full 'Antim: The Final Truth' movies online for free! The platform coped up well with fast paced technology and covered around 200 countries. Thousands of movies and TV shows are streamed online by thousands of users in various languages and regions. We don't charge a penny.

Is 'Antim: The Final Truth' Movie Worth Watching?

Re: Yes! 'Antim: The Final' is a riveting Hindi action-drama that delivers on multiple fronts. With its powerful performances, gripping storyline, and a perfect blend of action and emotion, the movie keeps viewers invested from start to finish. Salman Khan and Aayush Sharma deliver standout performances, bringing their characters to life with conviction and intensity. Director Mahesh Manjrekar's direction creates a compelling narrative that explores themes of brotherhood, redemption, and justice. If you're a fan of intense action films with strong performances and thought-provoking storytelling, 'Antim: The Final' is a must-watch that will leave you thoroughly entertained and engaged.

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